FIA Principal Investigators' Meeting

Claremont Hotel, Berkeley CA
May, 2011




The focus of this meeting was aspects of system architecture relating to security, trustworthy operation, and related issues such as privacy. The project participants were joined by two teams of observers: an invited set of experts in security, and members of the Values in Design Council.

The security experts:

Alan Kirby
Susan Landau
Jim Fenton
Drew Dean
Earl Boebert
Lee Badger

The participants from the Values in Design Council:

Paul Ohm
Deirdre Mulligan
Chris Hoofnagle
Jacob Gaboury
Batya Friedman
Geoffrey Bowker

The format of the meeting was a one-hour presentation by each project, followed by discussion among the project members and the outside participants. The slides from the presentations can be found as follows:

Expressive Internet Architecture

Named Data Networking




Hosted by the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT under agreement with NSF.
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