FIA Principal Investigators' Meeting

March, 2013




Day 1 - Monday, March18

Topic: environments and use cases for project trials
9:00-9:15            Introduction and review of meeting objectives
9:15-10:30          Session 1 project presentations
                                    MobilityFirst (Slides I) (Slides II)
                                    XIA (Slides)
                                    Nebula (Slides)
10:30-11:00         Break
11:00-12:00            Session 2 project presentations
                                    ChoiceNet (Slides)
12:00-1:00             Working lunch—round-table discussion of project presentations
1:00-1:40             Content Delivery Networks
                                    Bruce Maggs—Akamai and Duke U. (Slides)
1:40-2:40            Data Center networking
                                    Dan Reed—University of Iowa
                                    Dave Maltz—Microsoft Bing
2:40-3:10            Break
3:10-4:10            Power Grid control
                                    Jeff Taft—Cisco (Slides)    For further information:       
                                    Massoud Amin—University of Minnesota (Slides)
4:10-4:50            Financial sector
                                    Dan Schutzer— Financial Services Roundtable
4:50-5:30            Presentations on related activities
                                    Glenn Ricart— US Ignite
                                    Steve Wolff—Internet 2
                                    Chip Elliot—GENI

Day 2 - OCTOBER 2

Environments and use cases for project trials—continued
8:30 -9:10            Vehicle networking           
                                    Fan Bai—General motors
9:10-9:50            Mobile networking
                                    KK Ramakrishnan—ATT labs
9:50-10:30            Application support
                                    Pete Resnick—Qualcomm (Slides)
10:30-11            Break
11:00--12:00      Makeup time/wrap-up discussion/summary
12:00-1:00         Working lunch—round-table discussion with environment presenters

Topic: Evaluation
1:00-1:20             Introduction and framing of session
                                    David Clark, John Wroclawski (Slides)
1:20-2:00            Evaluation of architecture
2:00-2:15            Break
2:15-3:00            Evaluation of instantiated systems
3:00-4:00            Evaluation of running prototypes
                             Wrap-up discussion


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